Security Issues of the 17th Summit of International Organization of la Francophonie are on RA ES Ministry’s Agenda

17th Summit of International Organization of la Francophonie
Antony Marchand

On April 20, the RA MES RS Deputy Director, r/s Major-General Vrezh Gabrielyan received Antony Couzian-Marchand, Director of GALLICE International Organization.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the security issues of the 17th Summit of the International Organization of la Francophonie to be held in Armenia.

A. Couzian-Marchand mentioned that their organization supported state systems in the safe organization of major international events and if necessary, was ready to collaborate with the RA ES Ministry as well.

RS Deputy Director V. Gabrielyan noted that the Ministry had already begun the security ensuring activities, periodically was conducting fire-technical surveys, checking the evacuation exits of the structures involved in the event as well as the firefighting plans.

About 500 rescuers would actively operate in those days, and fire-rescue footholds would be deployed around the institutions where the events would take place and where MES medical staff would carry out duty.

The sequence and deadlines for secure organization of the main events were discussed at the meeting as well. 

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